Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Santa Fe National Forest Opens Trails in the Los Alamos Area

Trails Update, June 5, 2012

All trails on the Los Alamos County Trail Network are open.

Most trails on Bandelier National Monument, including trails in the backcountry, are open. The Falls Trail below Upper Falls on Frijoles Creek is completely washed away

Access to Bandelier via Forest Road 289 and other roads on the Santa Fe National Forest is closed to motorized vehicles

All trails and areas on the Española Ranger District are open. This is basically the eastern side of the Valles Caldera rim and includes:

Pajarito Canyon

Cañon de Valle

Water Canyon

Upper Pipeline Road

Upper Guaje Ridge Trail

Guaje Canyon and trails north of the canyon

Many of the trails are severely eroded and trail users should use caution in the burned area.


  1. Just curious as there is no mention to Dead Man's / Hidden Trails. I used to live on the edge of the trail and would use them daily. Now both have signs of closure. Any Info?

  2. There was a legacy waste cleanup project going on in the canyon and the trails were closed for a while. I'll check to see the current status.


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