Friday, August 28, 2009

Acid Canyon Trail

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Acid Canyon Trail
Length: 0.6 miles
Elevation Gain: 180 feet
Parking: At the Aquatic Center
Used by: All Users
Use: Heavy
Connecting Trails: S. Pueblo Bench Tr, Ranch School Trail

Narrative: Typical of the wonder urban trail network that threads through Los Alamos, the Acid Canyon Trail is an easy, short trip that provides the feeling of being miles away from town. The trail descends from the rim of Los Alamos Mesa along Acid Canyon, a tributary of Pueblo Canyon. It links with the Ranch School Trail to create a one-mile loop.

Trail Adopter: Greg & Karen Kendall


  1. Greg Kendall inspected the trail on 8/31/2009.

    Things looked pretty good. There are no major issues. The bridges are all in good shape. Wood piles are ready for burning.

    At the start of the trail near the aquatic center heading towards the Canyon Village Apartments there are ruts that have had rocks put in. This is a big improvement from last year were these ruts were basically dug out stream beds. These ruts could use more work. Maybe get in there with more rocks or gravel and work on the runoff that is causing theme to develop. The current large rocks are helping to keep ruts from getting worse and are a good initial solution.

    At the bottom of the wide dirt road going down into the canyon there are ruts that are still pretty bad. I have included photos in the link below.

    At the top of the trail behind the big trail sign at the parking lot is a long pipe that is just laying on the ground. It is pictured in the link below.


  2. Checked trail on Sept 24, 2009. Same condition.

  3. Members of Los Alamos Youth Leadership constructed two excellent water diversion structures on the top portion of the Acid Canyon Trail on Sunday, May 16, 2010. Many thanks to the students for their hard work!

  4. I Check the trail today. It's in good condition.

  5. Took Acid Canyon Trail last evening. It's in great shape. There are some warn areas from the monsoon where some of the rocks that were in the gullies have wash down a bit, but not too bad.

  6. Trail looked good recently on a hike. Erosion was not bad. Haven't seen it after the last few days major rains and will have to go back down.

  7. The top section of the trail has some major eroson between the blue whale parking lot and the big vehicle gate that is 150 yards or so below. -Greg Kendall

  8. Still icy on steep shaded part of loop. I skipped that part and went down by canyon village apartments. Trail looks good for this time of year!

  9. The trail is pretty clear of mud right now...


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