Tuesday, December 28, 2010

White Rock Canyon Trails

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White Rock Canyon Trails
Length: 7 miles total
Elevation Gain: 1,200 feet
Parking: Trailhead on Piedra Loop; Blue Dot Trail in Overlook Park
Used by: Hikers, joggers
Use: High
Connecting Trails: Red Dot, Blue Dot, River, White Rock Canyon Rim trails

Narrative: White Rock Canyon is one of the jewels of Los Alamos County Open Space. Carved by the Rio Grande through lava oozed from the Caja del Rio volcanic field on the east bank of the river and the orange tuffs of the Valles Caldera eruptions, the canyon is a geologic masterpiece created by hot rock, landslides, and the mighty river.

Two trails lead from rim to river, the Red and Blue Dot trails. Follow the signs in overlook Park to reach the Blue Dot Trailhead; the Red Dot Trail starts at the information kiosk on Piedra Loop in White Rock. Along the river, the River Trail connects the two dot trails; on the rim, the White Rock Canyon Trail, along with Piedra Loop and Sherwood Drive, connects the two trails. The River Trail continues south of the Red Dot to Water Canyon.

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  1. The Red Dot was mud free on February 20 and spring is the best time of year to head into the canyon.


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