Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Graduation Canyon Trail

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Graduation Canyon Trail
Length: 0.7 mile
Elevation Gain: 140 feet
Parking: East Park, Pine Street Playlot
Used by: Hikers, joggers
Use: Light
Connecting Trails: Los Alamos Mesa

Narrative: The Graduation Canyon Trail links the end of Pine Street to Sombrillo Court and the Los Alamos Mesa Trail. The canyon is rocky and dotted with pines, and ends at a dramatic pouroff into Pueblo Canyon. The Los Alamos Ranch School for Boys held its early Graduation ceremonies at the point just to the north of the dropoff.

Trail Adopter: Tina Sibbitt


  1. Between the top of the waterfall down into Pueblo Canyon, and Los Alamos Mesa Trail, a short part of Graduation Canyon Trail is steep and very rough. Many people will need to use their hands here. A much easier but indistinct route is an old road that goes west and up behind Aspen Ridge Lodge. It comes out between Aspen Ridge Lodge and Sombrillo Nursing Home.

  2. The trail into the canyon off of the Los Alamos Mesa Trail has been improved with a couple of switchbacks. The first 100 feet is still steep, but the rest of the trail is much easier than it was.


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