Thursday, August 27, 2009

Other County Trails

This area is for trails that are not officially on the roster of trails that are currently adoptable. Please report your findings here for the many other trails that the County of Los Alamos has to offer.

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  1. Monday, June 22, 2009
    Trails report from Opsahl:

    Cabra trail:

    On the trail inside loop and outside loop about 6 times over the past 2 weeks. Both clockwise and counterclockwise. Trail in excellent condition no maintenance needed at this time.

    Mitchell trail:

    31 May, 7 June, 14 June, 21 June from trailhead on Arizona to Guaje Ridge. Major blowdown at 3.4 km from Arizona. Across trail since 16 May when I went up in J50. About 30" in diameter will require chainsaw. Somewhat difficult to climb over for older folks. Rest of trail OK.

    Guaje Ridge:

    31 May, 7 June, 14 June, 21 June. Below Mitchell intersection generally OK no major work required. Above Mitchell about 1km up major blowdown happened about 20 June about 12" in diameter but with many branches. Could be improved a lot with hand saw. I'll tackle this next time up. Possible to navigate on foot but would be difficult with bicycle. All along trail trimming of oaks and aspen would make a big improvement.


    Generally OK since major work to make it passible for vehicles to support the J50.

    Dick Opsahl

  2. A report from Dick Opsahl on Oct 15th 2009

    Cabra, inner loop counter clockwise from 141 Chamisa. 1hr 45 min. 30" log still across trail about 1 mile from Rendija intersection going clockwise.

    Dick Opsahl

  3. Breakneck Trail has gotten fairly washed out and has a lot of debris and weeds growing in the trail. (Oct 20th).

    Also Hamilton trail has some washed out areas but not as bad as Breakneck.

  4. Report for Dick Opsahl Oct 25th 2009

    Today Carolyn Bell and I decided to do the long Sunday hike. Starting at the Mitchell trailhead we went up the Mitchell to the Plaque and water cache (from the J50 in May). Our usual route from there is the Guaje Ridge, but this time, since we were feeling strong, we continued on the Mitchell to it's terminus at the Guaje reservoir. Except for lots of briers the trail was good but with a few "chainsaw" windfalls.

    At the Guaje reservoir we turned East onto the Guaje Canyon trail. This requires climbing a steep welded iron ladder. As we entered the magnificent steep walled lower canyon we encountered a huge windfall jumble which may require quite a bit of work to clear before the next J50 in May. As we went along the trail was generally very good except for the occasional windfall. A little difficult to follow in a few places.

    After passing the Caballo trail junction the trail was very good.

  5. Took Breakneck Trail and Camp Hamilton Trail recently. They are both in good shape after winter. On Camp Hamilton, as you first begin to go up the side of the mesa as it first become tuff with the steps carved into it. Those steps could use a little work as they have a lot of dirt on them and are a bit slippery from the dirt.

    In general, I am confused as to where the Camp Hamilton trail goes once it's on the canyon floor and near the "environmental" restriction areas.

  6. Hiked down Breakneck Trail as a sunny winter hike that clears of snow quicker then most trails and has a good elevation gain. It's in somewhat bad shape. There has been a lot of weed growth on the trail. The trail has a lot of loose gravel, rocks and small boulders on it. We slipped in a few places. Looks like it will need a little work come spring.

  7. The Camp Hamilton Trail has a tree down on the path about half way down the cliff trail. It's very easy to get around and so it's not a critical problem.

  8. The tree has been removed from the Camp Hamilton Trail...

  9. Hi, there's a downed tree across Cabra trail, couple hundred yards upstream from the log ramp/rock garden. Wish I had a chainsaw, I'd just take care of it myself.


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