Monday, December 27, 2010

North Pueblo Bench Trail

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North Pueblo Bench Trail
Length: 0.9 mile
Elevation Gain: 60 feet
Parking: East end of Villa Street
Used by: Hikers, joggers, mountain bikers
Use: Moderate
Connecting Trails: South Pueblo Bench, Homestead Crossing, Walnut Canyon Trails

Narrative: The North Pueblo Bench Trail traverses the northern wall of Pueblo Canyon and is a part of many possible loop trips in the downtown area. It is one of the links between the two bridges spanning Pueblo Canyon.


  1. Hi BikeandHike, there's a big tree down between Walnut Park and the bridge, laying pretty much right down the middle of the trail. Now you know... Alex

  2. Thanks for the report, I moved the tree this afternoon.


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