Monday, December 3, 2012

Short Cut to Trail Maps on Everytrail

Seeking an easy way to disseminate trail trip information, I've posted about 15 loop trips on Everytrail. It's not the ideal system, but it is easy, accessible, and mobile--you can download trip data to a smartphone. Short trips, like Acid Canyon, and longer loops (Guaje Ridge, White Rock Canyon) are up there. The trip logs won't be too useful to those of us who have been around Los Alamos for a while, but should help newcomers and visitors find an appropriate trip. Get to the list of trips by clicking on the "view my profile" link then under the gray box select "Trips" out of the Recent Activity|Trips |Guides |Destinations |Info menu bar.  

I’m on EveryTrail: Map Your Trips, Find local hikes
15 trips
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