Thursday, August 27, 2009

Perimeter Trail

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Perimeter Trail
Length: 5 miles
Elevation Gain: 700 feet
Parking: Mitchell Trailhead, Upper Guaje Road
Used by: hikers, joggers, mountain bikers
Use: Moderate
Connecting Trails: Dot Grant, Mitchell, Woodland, Upper Pueblo

Narrative: The Perimeter Trail follows the north and east borders of the townsite of Los Alamos. From the east end, it follows Rendija Canyon to the Mitchell Trail, then traverses the Western Perimeter to North Pueblo Canyon. Climbing onto the Santa Fe National Forest, the trail heads south above the Quemazon Communities, then drops back onto County Open Space to end at Ridgeway Drive. To the east, the trail connects with the Dot Grant and Bayo Canyon trails to extend any trip to the eastern county line, and to the west, a disjointed segment of the trail continues on national forest parallel to Highway 501 to connect with trail in Bandelier National Monument.

Trail Adopter: Fit Fun Feminine (Pipeline Road to Mitchell Trail)


  1. Perimeter is about 80% clear of snow. Only short stretches on north-facing slopes are snow-packed, but certainly walkable. Give it a week before biking as there is still quite a bit of mud.

  2. I went for a walk there in April, from near Guaje Pines Cemetery to the junction with Mitchell Trail. In places the Perimeter Trail still was packed snow and ice, bordered by mud. I had a wonderful moment mid-morning, when water started to run loudly in the creek. Spring melt! Turned back, and discovered a horse rider had come along behind me, making "post holes" in the mud. I filled in the worst of them. At least the rider had the sense not to ride on the shoulders.

    Ponderosa pine seedlings planted after the Cerro Grande fire in 2000 are now several feet tall and looking very healthy.

  3. Alternating snow and slop, but the freeze this week should make it great, especially if we get a foot of snow!

  4. Perimeter is hard packed for most of its length, no skis or snowshoes required.

  5. Still muddy in spots, use it in the morning while the mud is frozen...


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