Tuesday, January 31, 2012

It's That Time of the Year

As we move into February, trail times are always tough. Not enough snow for skiing close to town, and what snow there is has a crust or is slush. I lost yet another traction device that I attach to my boots so I can walk on the icy trails. But, so what, it's still great to get outside everyday. Here's what I know about trail conditions:

  • Mitchell Trail is mostly ice free, but it is muddy. It's the best trail around right now.
  • Perimeter Trail behind Arizona has a lot of snowpack that is easy to walk on, but there are some icy and muddy spots. A good choice.
  • Perimeter Trail from the Mitchell Trail to Quemazon has some mud but not much snow. A good choice.
  • North Bayo Bench Trail from the roundabout to the overlook below Camino Encantado is mostly clear of mud, but there are several icy spots, in particular the little drop off about a quarter mile in from the roundabout. Be careful there.
  • North Pueblo Bench Trail is still icy between the bridges, but clear east of the long bridge to the golf course area.
  • Walnut Canyon Rim Trail has a few icy spots but is very passable in boots without spikes attached.
  • Kwage Mesa Trail is still muddy but drying fast.
  • Woodland Trail is icy.
  • Dot Grant Trails have lots of ice.
  • Bayo Canyon Trail is snow packed.
Add any trail reports as comments here. Let us know what's opening up or what is still nasty.

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