Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Quemazon Trail Work on Monday

About 22 volunteers came out on Monday evening to work on rehabilitation of the Quemazon Trail following the Las Conchas fire. The crew blocked off one short section where the bulldozer went around a big step and built some creative water diversion structures. There is a lot of crushed and powdered rock along the trail, and the structures are designed to either send the rock and sediment off the trail or to detain the sediment and build up low spots on the old road. I won't be sure it works until we get a good rainstorm. Forest Service crews went up Pipeline and did rehab work on firelines and a safety zone that were in place about two miles from the Quemazon Trailhead, and a hand crew (people with shovels, McLoeds, and Pulaskis) will work the rest of the trail this week. 

If you are on Facebook, search for the Los Alamos Trails group, 178 members after one week. Lots of photos there and lots of good updates on closures, openings, and volunteer opportunities.

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  1. I tried to search for "Los Alamos Trails" on facebook and came up empty. (Probably doing something stupid....) Do you have a url to the page? Thanks.


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