Thursday, March 24, 2011

First Week of Spring News and Notes

This just in:

Reconstruction of the Los Alamos Canyon Dam has begun, closing access to the area for all foot and vehicular traffic, according to the Los Alamos Dept. of Public 
Utilities.  DPU’s selected contractor, Kiewit was given 
the Notice to Proceed, effective Monday, March 21.   
Dam reconstruction work will continue through the 
summer with completion slated for November 15, 2011. 

This closure affects the road in the canyon bottom from West Road to the reservoir. (Officially, the lower 0.25 mile on DOE land remains open.) The Los Alamos Canyon Trail above the reservoir and the Knapp Trail are open, but access to both is only via the Quemazon Trail.

Bureaucracy: As you may have noticed, I was told to take the link to this blog off of the official County website. The developing "Social Networking Policy" prohibits linking to blog, Facebook, etc. I'll be asking other web sites to post links so those interested in the local trail network can still find information.

Signs of Spring: The White-throated Swifts are buzzing the cliffs of White Rock Canyon. Along the forest trails in Los Alamos, Pasqueflowers are popping up through the duff.


  1. I just found this blog for the first ever and I'm impressed. Thanks! Do you know what the plan for the LA Reservoir road is once the dam work has been completed? Will it be officially open to hikers/bikers/skiers again or will it even be open to cars once again?

  2. I've heard it go both ways: open in April 2012 for all vehicles and open only to non-motorized vehicles. Ultimately, the area will become a county park and the Council will set policies on use. I'm torn: I like the road without cars, but the area is special to many residents and I often hear statements like "I want to take my grandson fishing."


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