Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Late Winter Hiking Updates

Over the past two weeks, I've walked about half the trails on the County Network replacing faded trail signs, noting places that need some trail work, or just walking the dog. The Perimeter Trail behind Arizona Avenue and the Dot Grant Trail had some sloppy sections, but everything is relatively snow and mud free.

Last week there was a sewer line break off of Rim Road, and the smelly stuff flowed down the slope and across the Pueblo Canyon Rim Trail. The section is located about a quarter mile west of Graduation Point. It smells and is a bit icy, so use caution here. Of course, the entire trail is snowpacked and a bit slick, so maybe it's a good idea to hike elsewhere for a while.

On the plus side, there is a new and better defined route connecting the Canyon Rim Trail with the Pueblo Canyon Rim Trail at the Los Alamos Cooperative Market at Entrada. The County received a trail easement from the developer and he graded a trail corridor to connect the two trails. It is still a dash across the highway, but from the rim trail parking area, look for a gap in the fence across the street. The trail skirts the west side of the market, then swings east to a new trailhead parking area. From here, a bladed trail heads downhill toward the Holiday Inn Express. At the rock-filled detention dam, turn left and pick up the access trail to the Pueblo Canyon Rim Trail on the north side of the dam.

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