Friday, April 9, 2010

Spring at Last

An almost snow-free hike up the Mitchell Trail to Guaje Ridge. Only one tree down in the entire 2.5 miles (thank you, anonymous chainsaw user!). The County and the Forest Service collaborated on a plan for the summer YMCA Youth Conservation Corps to widen the trail a bit on the upper stretches, and to continue work on improving the switchbacks. Work will begin in June.

So get out there and enjoy the warm and windless (?) weather. No need for an extra pair of socks.


  1. I was hiking along the South Pueblo Bench trail today and the pasque flowers are in bloom (the best place to find them is by the Homestead Bridge). I'm still waiting for the first snapdragon of the season.

  2. Hiked the Mitchell last night(4/28) to cache water for the Jemez run. There are about 6-8 downed trees, including several big ones.

  3. I appreciate the report! I'll get the lower trees soon, and the larger ones on on the list of a Forest Service crew headed here in June.

    Also, this summer the YMCA's Youth Conservation Corps will spend a week on the Mitchell Trail, cutting a wider tread between the first summit and Guaje Ridge, and working on improving some of the switchbacks on the climb to the first summit.


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